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"The team there at Technically Speaking really came through for me on this one. We had a high-end, custom Cisco®Works & VPN class that had to run. The first time we tried to run this for our client the instructor we had lined up had a family emergency & had to reschedule the class. Between the time of the original date & the rescheduled date that instructor disappeared. He stopped returning calls & left us in a real bind. After having to refund plane tickets once already we couldn’t ask our client to do this again. With one day left to find an alternative instructor I contacted Tami from Technically Speaking."

"Tami not only found an instructor that was knowledgeable about the subject & available to teach the class, but he was also able to teach the class for almost the same rate as the original instructor! Because of Tami’s work on this class & her ability to find an instructor at the last possible moment has instilled my confidence in both her and her team. I have since this class asked for many other challenging requests which TS has efficiently and reasonably been able to fill. Thank you so much for your hard work & great customer service."

Sarah Rose Garwood
Operations Manager/Training Manager
New Horizons Computer Learning Center of the Greater Philadelphia Area

It has been a pleasure to work with Technically Speaking for the past three years. The quality of instructors is consistently high. Equally important to us is that the level of responsiveness and service that has been provided to GCA has been superb, even with short notice and difficult requests.

Jim Quasius
President & CEO
GCA Technology Services

"New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Wichita, Kansas utilized Technically Speaking in a major crunch. We needed an instructor for the kick off of a major training event and with only 1 hour notice Technically Speaking came though for us immediately! We were able to provide the client a top quality technical class we other wise would have had to cancel due to an instructor illness. I would rely on Technically Speaking to provide not only a top quality instructor but provide them with very little notice. Great job Technically Speaking, and thank you!"

Jennifer Harmon
Site Manager, Wichita, KS
New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Technically Speaking contradicts all previous experiences we have had with other contracting firms. When we had a last minute cancellation from another firm, Technically Speaking stepped up to the plate and found us a contractor within 3 days of the class at a very competitive rate. I am most appreciative of the constant contact and quick response time that they provided to meet our needs. Technically Speaking has definitely exceeded our expectations where customer service is concerned!

Kassie Arnold
New Horizons, Pittsburgh, PA

I want to let you know how nice it has been working with you. You have proven that your business practice is fair and that you always do the right thing in meeting our needs. I always contact you first and only when you’re unable to fill our need do we check with other contract companies. I just wanted to let you know that we do enjoy working with you and I appreciate the way you conduct business. Thanks for all you do for us!

Jeff Marsman
General Manager
New Horizons CLC of Fort Lauderdale